March 2019 · 1,705 words
Cityblock Health
New York City
“My job is to remove a health barrier so that you can live a fulfilled life: play with your children, play basketball, make music, do art, whatever it is. That’s the end. What we do is the means.”
September 2018 · 1,926 words
The Infatuation
Restaurant Recommendations
New York City
"Six stories above the Canal Street subway stop, a few dozen people help the world decide where to eat."
September 2018 · 3,252 words
New York City
“Our core belief is that there is innate value in a human brain doing something.”
September 2018 · 2,739 words
Eden Health
Holistic Healthcare
New York City
“It shouldn’t be all that radical to combine telehealth (that is, care-via-app, phone, and so on), in-person primary care, and insurance navigation. The problem is that the current incentive structure of healthcare doesn’t support efficient, patient-centric care.”